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Mediation Resources

To contact a Samaritan mediator, call 206-957-4696.  We have offices in Seattle and Kent and can arrange to meet in other locations as well.

Mediation is a process:
A neutral facilitator can help people in a conflict reach mutual agreement through a win-win solution.  Mediation is voluntary.  It allows people to develop their own solutions and preserves relationships. Mediations are confidential negotiations in which participants and mediators sign a confidentiality agreement prior to beginning the mediation. Those participating in mediation have the right to seek guidance and counsel at any time before, during or after the mediation and before signing any written settlement agreement.

What the mediator does:
Helps each side understand their respective issues and interests.
Assists them in prioritizing issues.
Facilitates the negotiations and guides each side toward common interests.
Is neutral and ensures that each person has ample opportunity to contribute to the process.
Does not make decisions, but encourages participants to find a mutually satisfactory solution.

What the people in conflict do:
Agree to participate in a "good faith" effort to resolve the dispute.
Contribute creative ideas and attempt to find common ground.
Listen carefully and attempt to understand opposing points of view.
Consider shifting from their initial position in order to achieve a win-win solution.
Be courteous and cooperative throughout the process
Reach agreement on as many issues as possible.

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