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Fund Development

Why do we need fund development?

Nearly 700 people come through our doors each week.  Half of them require some level of fee assistance if they're to receive the help they need.

Since 1960, when we began as Presbyterian Counseling Service, our mission has  been to provide high quality, faith-integrative, affordable counseling for individuals, couples and families regardless of the clients' ability to pay.  As the largest faith-based counseling agency in the area "still standing" in these difficult economic times, we're aware that we've become the go-to referral source for those who need fee assistance and want to have their faith included in the counseling process.  In order to remain true to our mission and keep the doors of Samaritan open, we depend on the generosity of our faithful community -- individual donors, churches and grant resources. 

Who benefits from fund development?

Those who have nowhere else to turn and are in danger of slipping through society's cracks find help at Samaritan.

One way we are able to reduce the fee of those with limited financial resources is by drawing on The Samaritan Fund. This fund is open to men and women, youth, couples and families. The fund is completely dependent on what Friends of Samaritan contribute, and the number of sessions we can offer depends on how successful we are at keeping the fund replenished during the year. 

A second way we provide "uncompensated care" is through Fee Assistance.  At the beginning of the counseling process, when there is financial need, the therapist may negotiate a reduced fee with the client.  This means that the therapist and the agency agree to accept less than the actual cost of providing the counseling hour -- creating a gap that we call on our Fund Development efforts to bridge.

The Low Fee Clinic, staffed by master's level externs supervised by experienced Samaritan clinical staff members, provides more than 2,000 hours of counseling each year for those with extremely low incomes--individuals, couples and families who truly have nowhere else to turn.

Our mission statement says: "We dedicate ourselves each day to make this a more peaceful, just and compassionate world -- one intentional, healing encounter at a time." 
The Board of Directors and Samaritan staff are grateful for the help of those who actively share this commitment.  

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