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Samaritan therapists are trained at a master's or doctoral level and represent a variety of mental health disciplines. Each of them is licensed by the State of Washington. All our therapists identify themselves as Christian. 
To learn more about any of our therapists, click on his or her name in the list below.
Note: The initials following each name indicate their counseling areas:
I=Individual Counseling   M/C=Marriage/Couple Counseling
F=Family Counseling  C/Y=Child/Youth Counseling.

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Low Fee Clinic

Kay Abramson I, M/C, F
Anna Anderson I, M/C, F, C/Y
John Baumann I, M/C, F, C/Y
Laura Benton I, M/C, F, C/Y
Bill Collins I, M/C, F
Robert S. Erickson I, M/C, F, C/Y
Heidi Gray I, M/C, F
March Gunderson I, M/C
Margaret (Peggy) Hansen I, M/C, F
Beth Hess I, M/C
Mark Houglum I, M/C
Colleen Kelley I, M/C, F, C/Y
Natividad E. Lamug I, M/C, F
Katherine MacDowell I, M/C, F
Caren Osborn I, M/C, F
Courtney Paine I, M/C, F, C/Y
Matthew Percy I, C/Y
Anne Perry I, M/C
Crissie Petro I, M/C, F, C/Y
Jim Ramsey I, M/C, F 
Michael E. Rogers I, M/C, F
Beverley Shrumm I, M/C, F
Kimberly Snow I, M/C, F
Gary O. Steeves I, M/C, F, C/Y
Eric Stroo I, M/C
Maria-Teresa ("Tita") Subercaseaux  I, M/C
"Tita" Subercaseaux en Espanol I, M/C
Neal Teng  (bio is not available online) I, M/C, C/Y
Deb Thomas I, M/C, F, C/Y


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