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Samaritan's Mission Statement

                                                 OUR MISSION 
As an expression of God’s love and compassion, we seek to restore hope, reconcile relationships and participate in the transformation of lives. We provide counseling, education, consultation, mediation and other services for individuals, families, congregations and organizations. 

                                             OUR COMMITMENT
We dedicate ourselves each day to make this a more peaceful, just and compassionate world - one intentional, healing encounter at a time. 

                                                 OUR VALUES
We are: 
We believe healing takes place on many levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - and in many ways - individually, relationally and in communities. 
We are an ecumenical Christian community that respects the beliefs of all people.
We search for ways to care for those among us who are in financial need, making our services affordable and accessible. 
We are committed to excellence in all that we do, and we are faithful stewards of the resources given to us. 
We strive to be honest, self-aware and transparent in our work with others and in our community life. 
We recognize that each person is created in the image of God and that we need one another’s diversity.  We welcome all people in a spirit of compassion and justice.
We are innovative, attentive to life’s opportunities and grounded in faith - ready to  meet the challenges of this


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